Michael Grochowski

Michael Grochowski is a career professional in the residential building and construction industry.

Since graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Construction Management, Grochowski has established himself as an adviser, project manager and marketer specialising in the residential property sector in addition to providing professional services to a select number of private clients

In terms of the scope of Grochowski’s professional skills and expertise, he is routinely called upon to deliver services in the areas of:

  • Town planning, including conducting preliminary feasibility studies, with an emphasis on yield analysis;
  • Property development management services, covering construction management, project planning and scheduling;
  • Financial modelling for development projects, specifically addressing sensitivity analysis, cost estimations, budgetary development and quantity surveying;
  • Project marketing and sales, including development of marketing campaigns, sales strategies and sales team management.

As a property development manager, Grochowski has established an extensive network of professional advisers covering all aspects of residential property development and property marketing including lawyers, accountants, financial advisers and financiers, both private and institutional.

The property sectors in which Grochowski provides development consultancy, project management and marketing services are primarily low-rise, residential developments and  green-field and broad-acre land estates.  These estates are mainly in the booming growth corridors around the outer urban fringe of Melbourne and in major Victorian regional cities.

Nearly all such estates are categorised as master planned communities in which the focus is on developing low – medium density residential communities with extensive provision for high quality lifestyle features and essential infrastructure.  Thus, as a project manager, Grochowski’s task is heavily involved in the co-ordination of a wide variety of service providers ranging from local councils, state government bodies, private and public service providers, competing commercial interests, as well as managing the construction activity through builders, contractors and other developers.

In his role as director of companies engaged in residential project management, Michael Grochowski has responsibility for identifying commercially viable development estates, selecting specific sites for acquisition, town planning applications, managing the architectural design phase, compilation of marketing collateral and due diligence material, sourcing finance and managing the sales process to achieve the best outcomes for the client – whether that be an external client or a company in Grochowski’s family group assets.

Over the past decade, Michael Grochowski has been directly involved as a project development manager in residential properties with an estimated end value of approximately $690 million.

Michael Grochowski is a Registered Building Practitioner; Class: Domestic Builder Unlimited, Licence No. DB U17290.

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